RTFKT is hosting a Nike Dunk Ghost Edition forging event

The forging event co-hosted by RTFKT and Nike for the Dunk Ghost Edition was streamed live. Participants can access the official platform of RTFKT to participate. This event allows them to leverage their digital collections for physical copies of their shoes, if the collectibles qualify. Physical copies are in limited quantities and subject to demand, costing upwards of approximately $222.

RTFKT is promoting the product as a gaming-culture-inspired offering. That’s why it comes with interchangeable bottle attachments. Making a physical product more interesting comes with a Global integration An NFC chip that gives the owner a more digital experience. Interested participants can get their respective products by entering in two separate phases.

The first phase is the ComplexCon (IRL) pre-sale, which will begin on November 18, 2023 and end on November 19, 2023. The second phase will be released online from November 20, 2023. The first drop in the second phase will happen here at 11 am EST, and the second drop will happen at 8 pm EST. Tickets for the first phase are available and participants can opt to receive notification for the following phase.

It’s the same for GHOST and VOID except for estimated delivery. GHOST will take until August 2024 to be delivered. By July 2024, VOID will reach maximum customer base.

It should be noted that digital copies are not for sale at the drop happening at shop.rtfkt.com. RTFKT Dunk Genesis sneakers are the only option to pre-order. This is one Order to-order product, consumers must specify their size at checkout.

RTFKT is distributed to selected countries only. Customers are recommended to check their eligibility accordingly. Some of the countries offering RTFKT experience are Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy and Romania. Participating users NFT event They must ensure that they are not subject to any sanctions by the UN, EU, OFAC or the UK. Failure to do so will void the transaction and forfeit refunds.

RTFKT shed more light on the upcoming experience created in Fortnite. It will release on November 21, 2023. Early access to Clone X LA will take place on Friday.

What worries most consumers is the price. Many expected it to be even higher. So, now they are tired of being overcharged for anything. Some interested participants doubted whether crypto would be involved in the process. It clarified that credit cards can be used instead of cryptocurrency or tokens.

As specified on the platform at checkout, crypto holders can redeem their ETH holdings at a value equal to the $222 or higher mark. The current price of ETH is $2,040.36 per US dollar.

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