Send Crypto & NFTs via Text with Calaxy Messenger!

In a groundbreaking move, Calaxy unveiled a revolutionary feature in its Calaxy Messenger: allowing users to send their cryptocurrency and NFT collections using text messages. This new development makes transferring digital assets as easy as sending a message to your friends.

It should be noted that until recently most people found the crypto world intriguing but intimidating. Having public wallet addresses, buying local network tokens for transaction fees, and comparing two-party wallets is tedious. Such practice often leaves users feeling disempowered and disconnected from positive and revolutionary technology.

Calaxy’s recent update is set to change such a narrative by introducing an easier mode for crypto transactions. Calaxy Chat enables direct sending of Hedera-based crypto and NFT collections. The process is straightforward: in the case of a direct message conversation, users select their preferred NFT or enter the amount of crypto they wish to transfer and click Send. The speed of Hedera Network Completes the transaction in few seconds.

Currently, Calaxy v1.0 provides support for HBAR, USDC and Hedera NFTS. This system aims to facilitate over twenty well-known networks, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Calaxy web page has lots of details on these expansions.

One of the important parts of this update is the removal of network fees for certain transactions. Calaxy admits that paying gas fees for direct transactions works as a disincentive to have fun in the crypto world. Therefore, they have waived the fees for networks that have minimal transfer charges. This applies to blockchains like Flow, Hedera and Polygon, with almost negligible transfer fees.

The introduction of this innovation by Calaxy is nothing more than a new feature and has changed the way we deal with digital currencies and assets. By lowering entry barriers and creating a user-friendly environment, Calaxy is democratizing the crypto globe for more people around the world. Individual users may experience such far-reaching effects beyond the integration and acceptance of crypto and NFTs in regular exchanges and transactions.

Thus, Calagy’s move to introduce text-based crypto and NFT transfers on the Messenger app is a big step for the sector. Calaxy makes transactions easier, faster while also removing technical barriers. This is a key factor in creating a new era that will make crypto and NFT accessible to common users.

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