The protocol is still effective and affordable

Near Protocol recently experienced a 40% increase. The jump has come in the last 30 days or one month, and now the close is $1.51. At the time of writing the increase was 44.69%.

The crypto industry is finally coming out of the winter season, with BTC and ETH leading the charge. Other tokens following the trend reflect that bullish sentiments are spreading across the ecosystem.

There are several reasons for this increase, including that NEAR is still effective enough to buy. If the future looks really promising, this may be a time for enthusiasts to accumulate the token.

To begin with the first reason, Nier Foundation is reported to have started Near DA—near data availability—exclusively for developers. It is called A grounded Innovation that is cost-effective and has robust mechanisms. Near DA was launched in collaboration with Madara by StarkNet, Vistara, Fluent, Movement Labs and Dimension Rollups. More platforms are listed to mark the product’s entry into the market.

Near DA is designed to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for developers who may venture to explore the benefits of a modular blockchain development landscape. Developers are now empowered to build their innovations with negligible and predictable gas fees. The output of the product is expected to deliver to the end-users at its best potential.

Nier Foundation has highlighted its roadmap for the next two years. It consists of two main components namely Experience and Core.

While the experience deals with the features and real experience of developers and users, the core aims to drive scalability and decentralization of the protocol. Also, moving the second phase of sharding to elevate the platform to 100 shards so that no validators can track the shards.

Recent updates and advancements have enhanced this Nearest protocol reference, the local token is expected to surpass the $3 mark by the end of this year. Assuming this positive trajectory continues, NEAR may also touch the ~$4.31 mark by the end of 2024.

NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System, or BOS, currently hosts a decentralized dApp store. This gives more than seven million Coin98 users access to the initiative. Coin98 leverages the decentralized nature of BOS to provide a better experience for users.

Finally, the Nier Foundation has announced that it is joining hands Polygonal laboratories Wasm is for the development of zero-knowledge (ZK) proof-of-concept for blockchains and to enable greater interoperability across chains. Blockchains with WASM or WebAssembly can now reportedly leverage Ethereum’s liquidity.

The goal is to build zkWASM and maximize customization for developers so that users can choose from a large number of provers at build time.

The immediate community is strong; However, the nearest protocol value is affected by external conditions and news. The NEAR platform is still in beta; Therefore, not all its features are available yet. The future price of the near-term is affected by market sentiment, demand and supply, and ecosystem growth.

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